don't want to break rules so how do i.....

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Found 15th May 2009
there seemd to be so many rules so i don't want to break any if i were to advertise something for sale (that which i shall not mention or apparently i cant sell it for 7 days so no product or even product types mentioned) - but if i were to sell a few things would i need to a: make one post, list them all with prices and details, 2: make seperate posts for each type of thing for sale with details and price and picture or III: make one post for everything and take up about 374387 messages posting pictures of things? then how do i go about putting pictures into things? anyway - thought i'd ask so im not breaking rules and if there are any more like "you're posting this in the wrong section" or "the set up is wrong" or "you haven't mentioned......." etc.... any input would be greatly appreciated!! and how do i go about making lists? my text always seems to come out in one long paragraph!

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If only the rules were posted in the FS/FT forum for all to see, it would make things so much easier.... :roll:

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yeah i know they are i read them which is how i know about the 7 day thingy but i want to make sure i havent missed anything with this being my first time and all! also i wanted to know what would be the best format as i've seen all of the mentioned formats of listing but didn't know if one would be more appropriate than another or if there were rules about it! surely it would be nice to help a member rather than be sarcastic when they're actually asking for help to try to stick to the guidelines? I apologise if my inability to get everything correct without asking is annoying you but really sarcasm wasn't going to do anything other than make me feel more useless than i already feel having to ask!!!! so if there's anyone out there who can actually help me - please let me know

Post it in the FS FT section

This thread is a good example of what format to use;…ms/

If you have loads and loads of items you're probably better off starting multiple threads. Personally I would list a maximum of 20 items on one thread otherwise it gets confusing.

For pictures go to this website;

select browse
choose your picture
click start upload
then copy and paste the Hotlink for forums (1) code into one of your posts on here.

It's a good idea to reserve one of the first posts in the thread for your pictures.

As for lists you should just be able to press enter.

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thanks for the help! I shall go away and look at the image shack business and get some stuff listed sometime next week - thanks again!

also, this site limits you to 5 images per post, so you could avoid that by posting links to a photobucket gallery or just give individual links to the photos e.g.

Google £10,000,000,000…gif

Yahoo £0.50…png


If only the rules were posted in the FS/FT forum for all to see, it would … If only the rules were posted in the FS/FT forum for all to see, it would make things so much easier.... :roll:

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GREAT HELP GREX well done!!!!:w00t:
Sarcasim is just another service we provide ey?:oops:
Things are so much easier with experience ....... Just a shame that a simple answer to a simple question couldn't be any easier for you....:whistling:
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