Doom 3 Widescreen Help

    Arrgghh, I've tried for the last hour to get it to go widescreen.

    I can't seem to open the console via CTRL/ALT/~, nothing happens...

    I tried creating an autoconfig file, which worked once then stopped - do I put in the resolution I plan to set the resolution within the actual game settings, or the resolution of my pc?

    Grrr please help.


    Widescreen Gaming Forum is the best place to go, but as memory serves, if you can't apply all the settings in the config file, you can bind the FoV setting and the H and V res settings to a key that you can just push during the game to set things right.

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    I've spent an hour and I have looked everywhere online and still can't do it.

    Well, it's taken me 30 seconds, and I've found people who've even managed to make it so widescreen that it'll span 3 monitors. Widescreen Gaming Forum, it's an excellent resource, and you really need to get acquainted with it.

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    Maybe a link to the instructions then please? I did look, honestly.

    make sure the game has the updates done and if no success try using
    seta r_customMode "1440x900"
    obviously change the res to what you want
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