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Found 20th Dec 2014
just wondered anyone got any answers to my door problem, back door, bit on floor with a groove in now full of water usually just gets bit of muck in it , over the bit at bottom of door, wondered why our door mat inside back door was very wet.do I have to clean anything out to make water not get in it

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There are a couple of small holes on the channel to let water out. Make sure not got grit or sand in it
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assuming we are talking about house door?.
Plastic door as said it'll have either drain holes blocked or something has bent/fallen off. I've seen windows leak on upvc door before too.
door bottom weather strip gone / worn and rain is blowing under door?.not usually fitted as these are actually on the bottom of the door and a pita to fit
should it have had a threshold rather than a groove?
door made of wood and has cracks?, gone damp on the bottom?. new rain/weather deflectors are easy to fit.

Post a pic- may help those giving answers
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