Door to Door man spouting rubbish

    Just had a chap at the door from a well known broadband/phone company telling me I was a fool because I was paying for broadband.

    He said he was checking to "see if I had been put onto the free rate as everyone else on the street had" - which I know is a line because I was told to say the same thing when I did a days similar work for NPower 5 years ago.

    Then he told me I was stupid for paying for broadband when it should be free. Then he told me that the 'fibre optic cable was coming through my street now", when I know that none of our town has cable, certainly not where I live.

    Now I know he was a div, but the old dear next door might not, I certainly wouldn't want him going to my mum's or grandma's house, they're likely to believe his nonsense. Anyone who I can complain to about it?

    Don't normally mind cold callers, but he was spouting such rubbish I feel someone should know!




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    Not you, but someone can actually do something about it.......

    I'd have told him he was stupid for calling me stupid and then grabbed him by the balls and removed him from my property

    This is actually a serious issue. I think it should be against the law to do this sort of door to door's conning people!

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    He might be going to you soon Syzable, you're not too far from me iirc


    He might be going to you soon Syzable, you're not too far from me iirc

    I know............i'm feeding the dog raw meat to get her ready. X)

    you should have offered him a cup of tea


    you can call the company he was from and make a complaint, I did this with Talk Talk and swalec both at the time we were with anyway, I let rip big time with talk talk and when they are in the street now they dont ever knock my door, but talk talk is a total waste of time and effort, theres a lad thats stands outside B&M and grabs people when they walk past, he has been warned by the police for this but he still does it.
    swalec just said sorry and we wont bother you again,

    Ask him why they need your payment details if its "free"
    End of.


    He had the same patter as the nigerian emails I get...:p

    I am still waiting for my £52.76 from a call I had from them last week. He said I had won it. Basically, it was from all the 1p and 2p's that nobody wants.

    I wont entertain these cold callers at the door nowadays ,printed off the "no cold callers" sign from that moneysavingexpert site .Some of those callers are pure con merchants .Same as the ones who ring me on the phone , I put that sign on the phone too ,but it doesn't work .............they still ring me !

    As you say you feel somebody should know, you could contact Trading Standards , Sancho.
    Before they disappear under the QUANGO dissolution act.

    They also run a campaign to stop door to door crime etc - a community action thingy that you could set up!

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