Found 10th Sep 2008
hi, just plastered the little ones room, she is two.She is well into dora the explorer.Has anybody kitted out there daughter room in dora, i would love to have some ideas.Cheers

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Hola! Beunos Dias! ¿Cómo está? How are you? Me llamo amcdermo.

Ebay has mucho items!

Also I found:…YjQ…tml

Some of the items are barato perhaps others caro expensive. You could make some yourself if Es demasiado caro too expensive. ¿Cuánto es? How much? No sé.

De nada, adios goodbye.

I think the peel on-peel off items listed by amcedermo are fantastic. Your child won't be in to Dora the explorer for very long and by using these you can peel them off and update the room whenever you want to -very easily. I used winnie the pooh which was replaced by princesses a couple of years later. (For my daughter - not myself!)

pughy-if you have a poundstretcher or an instores shop locally the peel-offs they had were £3.99 im sure. I paid around £10 fo cars for son but saw the £3.99 in all different designs later-call them to check? its a lot cheaper! i also found stuff in B&M-Home bargains-a framed picture was £3 i think-and its a good size!
If you paint the walls a plain shade you can add the transfers as bluedave says-ive also done sons twice! Bedding also home bargain-i bought from ebay then found home bagains £8 i think
I went to Focus DIY for the lamp as it is like a plastic tube-you twist the top of the light and it dims-it was around £10 but really good design for tots. Failing that they have have some wired wall ones in IKEA-and if you buy the flower ones you can get 3 or 4 and they look very effective(will fit another scheme later too!…234 is the dora lamp i paid £10 for i think…948 is the IKEA wall lamp-smila blomma £4.50-or they have others-blue stars?

Would agree with what the two above me have said about the stickarounds... quick and easy to put up & to change when she decides she likes something else And the flower lights from Ikea look really nice, I've just put some in my wee ones room and she loves them

(louloo, you have fab taste! :lol: :))

Also, have a look at ]BigRedWarehouse (they're on quidco too) you can often pick up some decent things from them

]Curtain & Duvet set - £20.99

thanks, sadiebabes-great minds eh?
i spent ages getting him to choose a theme for his room-he had pooh before-walls were lemon so he could have pretty much anything..anyway eventually he went for Disney cars-spent a full day taking off cleaning-and applying the car stickarounds-then bought bedding, curtains and lamp-pic etc..
finished it and it looked fab-within a week he had decided he liked spongebob:w00t: so he now has a cars room and sponge bedding-:oops:

Wilkinsons sell the Dora stickarounds too, I think Debenhams had the duvet cover and curtains etc a few weeks back.
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