Dorma memory foam mattress topper

Found 18th Feb
I recently bought a dorma memory foam mattress topper. I have read conflicting information about using a electric blanket with memory foam some some saying a electric blanket should never be used and others saying its fine to use one. so i was wondering if anyone has used a electric blanket with a memory foam mattress and if so was it ok. I did try using it for a couple days but i was worried it would cause damage after a period of time
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I would email the manufacturer and ask them directly.
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hearts227 h, 31 m ago

I would email the manufacturer and ask them directly.

I never thought of that thank you
I purchased a dorma mattress topper(from dunelm) and used the electric blanket with it without any issues but this was only for approx 4-6 weeks, would be interested to see if there any issues with long term use.
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