DORO WT89 walkie talkie watch availability?

    I am going snowboarding in December and was looking at getting a walkie talkie for me and my friend. I discovered through google the glorious existance of watch walkie talkies and the DORO WT89 in particular caught my eye as it has impressive range but also actually looks like something you wouldn't be embarrassed to have on your wrist.

    The problem? I cannot find anywhere that sells them. So please help me as alot of the other wrist watch walkie talkies I have looked at look pretty shocking.


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    wow that was quick!!!!! And I thought I was a google fiend!

    Thanks. I don't suppose anyone knows if these work like normal walkie talkies in the sense that you can converse with multiple people with them on the same channel. I ask as I will be going boarding again in January with a large group of people and would need to be able to contact them (they'd all be using 'normal' non wrist watch ones).

    Its out of stock......... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I can't take the rep I gave you back!!!

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    I saw the amazon one before posting here but I'm not paying £80 for 1 watch when they used to be around £40

    amazon have them m8 check prev post

    hehe time continuum proving a pain lol, they dont seem to be available anywhere, mebbe old, or no good?

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    The review I read of them on stuff or t3 gave them 5/5 stars so they are meant to be good. Just found this place which looks to stock them:…spx

    now just need to persuade my friend to get one.
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