Dot Matrix Watch

Found 6th Oct 2006
Did a search and couldnt find anything. I wondered if anyone had seen this watch any cheaper?


Ive looked around but cant find any other dot matrix watches i like as much. But really its priced a bit too much. I have the available money off vouchers etc.

Thanks for the help (:

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Ive just had a look around, i cant find anything cheaper

But i just wanted to say (im a ral girly girl) but there pretty smart! Can see why you want one

Original Poster

Well thanks for looking!

Shame that voucher expired on Tues, could have knocked a tenner off

Original Poster

Yeah I have £5 off, but all the same i was hoping for a price less than £50 really, probably asking too much though eh?

Original Poster

Well thanks to all who looked anyway (:

Did anyone see the "Morse Code" watch on the gadget show the other day? hehe utterly useless and it cost a fortune I think!
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