Double Challenge

    Hey guys..

    Not posted for a while - been taken back by several things happening my end.

    Anyways, I've got a bit of money to spend but not too much. And I'm after two things.

    So .. the mission should you choose to accept (lol I need to get out more)

    1) Hugo Boss in Motion aftershave (The one in the round ball thing) been looking to buy this. Its about £30 in the shops. Cheapest I've seen online is £18 from eBay. Can anyone find somewhere that beats this price?

    2) Shoes .. well rather the trainer style shoes lol. I'm after the "skater" style shoes. Been looking at Vans, DCs and Etnies. Not all that fussed at the moment what style they are, as long as they're not slip on shoes ... but I don't wanna spend more than £35 on them. Any links to some good deals on shoes like these?

    Thanks all



    1) Shame for number one: you missed out on it for a tenner at empirestores, have a glance at this thread:…oss

    But I believe the £20 code in that order has now expired. However, there are some codes in the voucher section for £15 off a £30 spend, so you would have to make this up to £30 with something small, then apply the discount code. (I think the cheapest item on the site is a kids T-shirt for £1.50)

    2) I've no idea about the shoes however!!!

    Original Poster


    Thanks for the links

    I've seen a couple of those before. I like the ones in the third link so they may be a possibility.

    I forgot to mention that I have enormous feet lol. So I'm looking for Size 12's

    Think the third link only had size 12's...

    Yeah, I just realised too that I missed out on that Hugo Boss! D'Oh..


    Thanks for the links

    You're very welcome.


    I forgot to mention that I have enormous feet lol. So I'm looking for … I forgot to mention that I have enormous feet lol. So I'm looking for Size 12's


    P.S. I hate feet.

    Original Poster

    lol oh dear ..

    I've still not found any success with the shoes yet. Not too bothered if they're not makes like Vans etc - but thats the style I want them in if anyone knows of any other makes.

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