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Found 1st Jul 2007
Hi im looking for 1 of them double adapters for the car cigarette lighter to run a sat nav and a road angel, Not to sure where to get them from

cheers all

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Try a caravan supply type shop or in that sort of areas if you've got a good pound shop near you. It shouldn't cost much more than a couple of quid.

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is there anywhere online that i might be able to get 1 from?

try ebay... that's where I got mine for around £2.99 + postage.

Hi bluemark you can get the 4 way ones in the poundshop (these are unfused) I have used one of these for over a year now in my truck though I put an inline fuse in.or the same ones in Halfords fused.Halfords also do the 2 way.dont forget that your ciggie socket in the car is fused.
hope this helps

I bought mine off ebay - totally invaluable but my ex reconed it would not be good for the car battery. Ive had no problems tho

poundland deffo do the double ones saw them in hounslow branch on thursday

There is a twin adaptor in Maplin for £4.99 but they also have a 4 way with an extension lead for only £2 extra. I would recommend one that has an extension lead as the solid ones tend to fall out easily (well mine did).

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cheers people

Double and triples (yes triples!) available here. I just typed in Cigar into the search and its on page 2 (I think)


Tesco & Asda sell them for £4.99

Aldi from the 8th:-
Only £2.99


Heavy-duty, three-way in-car adaptor that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket to power your portable DVD and more.
[*]Safety on/off switch control
[*]Angled sockets for easier access
[*]Coiled cable (stretches up to 2 metres) with approx. 100mm straight length at each end
[*]Fitted fuse
[*]Fixed cigarette lighter plug
[*]Power warning light
[*]Can be mounted with screws or adhesive pads (2 pads included)[/LIST]
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