Double dropped and down - is it all over for Wazzer & do you really care?

    So have time and poor performances finally caught up with England's and Utd's most influential player of the last decade?


    Don't care and don't rate him tbh oO

    Impressive career and a humble experienced footballer who respects decisions made by his managers. He has nothing to be ashamed of. Those who criticise him ache to have achieved as much as he has.

    List of Premier League players with 100 or more goals
    Rank Player Premier League Club(s) Goals
    1 England Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United 260
    2 England Wayne Rooney Everton, Manchester United 194
    3 England Andy Cole Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth 187
    4 England Frank Lampard West Ham United, Chelsea, Manchester City 177

    Lol why is this in Ask? Another mod fail?

    This should be under 'red light district' just for Shrek.

    Couldn't agree more Davewave

    People have very short memories!

    Same can be said how becks was treated.

    I hope he gets the top England caps! And another 50 PL goals!

    He's a top bloke!

    I thought shearer played for Southampton as well

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    OK so here's my tuppence worth;
    the next few games and his fitness are going to be crucial and which roles he takes up
    People forget that unlike soft Alli he defends well and unlike dozy Dier he gets stuck in and unlike selfish Sturridge he assists others.
    He has not had the best of players to spark him but if he gets a couple of late runs into the box scoring or assisting together with a few timely interceptions he still has much to offer club and nation
    He 'aint goin' to china, the states or anywhere else for that matter as some pundits suggest?
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    It's disgraceful the way he's being abused by all the boo boys, Sure he was hyped up and over rated but in his day he was World class. He's carried the burden of the nation and unfortunately not had much luck in regards to form in the last WC and Euro's but that's the whole team collectively, The same can be said at United, It's partially those around him, When he was playing with the likes of Ronaldo he was unstoppable. He has great vision and is a good finisher, Too unselfish sometimes imo, Its a lack of creativity that has been lacking at United and his confidence and form has suffered because of it.

    I think it's time for him to think about his future, either he stays and fights for his place at United or he ventures somewhere like the USA which I think would be his best move. He will be regarded as a legend at United, I hope he is offered a similar label as an England player, his stats speak volumes.

    wtf dierbolical back pass


    wtf dierbolical back pass

    Then went on to fluff his clearance.!

    at the moment it looks like we have reached the level we are currently playing at slovenia is currently 67th ranking…tml
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    70 mins he's on!!

    So Hart is back in the good books but from now on as long as we play rank 67 or worse we should be fine otherwise we in deep .....

    last 4 games,3 different managers,spot the difference,Hart man of the match!!!! say no more,about time supporters stopped wasting there money and sending a message to England either play with passion and purpose or retire and just play for your club

    He isn't the best man for the job at the moment, but it's certainly not over.
    If he does bang in a few goals for Man U then that'll change a few peoples minds as well.
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