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Found 30th Oct 2017
Hi all, I’m looking to take the leap away from standard razors into the world of double edged razors.
I haven’t got a clue which to get.
Currently I’m looking at the Jagen David ® B40 - Butterfly Double Edge Razor on Amazon for £12.99.
Any experience on this one or recommendations on what to get?
I’m trying to avoid anything that rusts quickly or will fall apart but also trying not to spend a fortune.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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Looks a decent one, can't recall what I got was (present from the missus). 15 months on and never looked back. I've got very heavy stubble and shave 5 times a week, use a blade a week (astra I stuck with) You will likely shred your face a little the first few times, but after that you'll be fine and save an absolute fortune. Get a good quality brush and some alcohol free moisturiser, and take your time in what soon becomes oddly satisfying, rather than the chore it was with Mach 3 etc. Welcome to the new (very old) shaving revolution!
Not sure if you are aware, but there is a thread here on DE shaving. It is quite a long thread with some good advice, etc.
Brilliant, thanks both for your advice.
There was a "Jagen David" thread the other week. They sell rebranded weishi and rimei razors. Save some money and get one on aliexpress or get something better (you can often get a bargain used razor from ebay if you're okay with used. I've bought quite a few, some over 100 years old). You could do a lot worse than an old Gillette tech or Slim Twist.
Without sounding like a prude I got into DE shaving before it was a 'thing'/fashionable, I've had one handle in 12 years, it's a Merkur 33C short handle. It's bulletproof, the thread and body is as new. I think you can buy it for £23 on Amazon

I feel I get a safer shave with a short handle, it's all preference.
I got into time travel before it was a thing.,,
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