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Double Glazing Company refusing to honour warranty

Posted 28th Jan 2014
Hi guys

5 years ago we had double glazing fitted by a local firm, we had them out 2 or 3 times for door adjustments and 1 blown window (blown window is where condensation gets in between the double glazing)

about 2 weeks ago we got another blown window, I reported it and got told the manager would phone me back...

No phone call, I called again today and luckily it was him who answered the phone...

They have told me they are now within their rights to refuse warranty as the company that made the plains of glass have gone bankrupt so they wont be honouring any warranty to do with the glass...

Obviously I think this is BS, do you agree?

I am guessing I will have to issue a small claims claim against them, but can you do that for a company refusing warranty?
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