Double Glazing windows for new house

    Im after some good quality but cheap double glazing windows.
    Does anybody no of any special offers companys are doing at the mo and just cheap cheap cheap


    I would of thought that your location would be an important factor.

    [url][/url] have a online calculator although you have to register your details first. But it might be worth it to find out as BAC are on the premium side of windows.

    One of my mates used to work in double glazing for 20 years and the stories he has told me are horrific. He's given me advice in the past:

    - most companies claim to have their own installer. They might have some but they sub out most of the work and these installers want in/out asap to earn money.

    - if your house style merits is then go for leaded double glazed windows as the lead provides a worthwhile security feature.

    - you will probably have to call back a maintenance fitter to correct hangings on some doors and windows.

    - if you're not satisfied DON'T pay. most installers play the bleeding heart act that they won't get paid by their boss if you don't pay them when they've finished.

    - try and pay the deposit by credit card. It's an eyeturner to find out that some major DG firms no longer take card payments because of chargebacks and claims by unsatisfied customers. If they do accept cards and try an persuade you otherwise then claim that it's the only way you can pay for the deposit until your "bonus" come through.

    - look for local recommendations. If the house 3 doors down has had new windows then ask them what they thought of the installations, products and cost for comparison.

    - the cheapest firms may quote X windows for £1,500 but then charge extra for locks, vents, openings, profiles etc. so make sure you get loads of quotes

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    some great points put forward there thanks for the advise will keep my ey out with all this. As regards my area im west midlands telford area
    So if anybody knows of a good dealer.
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