DOUBLE POINTS AT TESCO -Petrol Prices Increased - £4.56 / litre - SEE PIC!

    Driving past my local Tesco last night and i was horrified to see the price Fuel has been put up to - £4.56 a litre for Unleaded and £5.67 a litre for Diesel - but it got me thinking...

    Tesco are doing double points on fuel at the mo - result!…jpg


    Think I'd take the bus....

    lol thats a good joke..............i hope

    oh my gosh! lol


    £5.67 for diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think that must be an error.

    Original Poster

    of course it is!!! someone must have been playing about with the sign!

    is that the price per gallon maybe?

    Nice price I'll have 40 of your finest litres good sir!

    maybe that pic was taken from the future could be that price soon the way the economy is goin

    its because the 5p off petrol offer is starting again in a few weeks. cant go giving it away now can they!.

    hmmmm, think this is the price a gallon lol

    Clearly a test of the sign 4567 and 5678



    Clearly a test of the sign 4567 and 5678

    Oh wow, some intelligence :roll:

    Well duh people, tesco's owns the world, but not that they dictate the price of fuel from a service station somewhere in the deepest depths of the UK :roll:
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