Double points this July with CokeZero

    If you're seated, we'll begin. Today's lesson? How to get double points for every 'Coke Zero' code you enter in July. Making sure every code you enter at 'Coke Zone' is worth twice as much this July is easy:
    Pick up 500ml and 2l bottles of 'Coke Zero' featuring 'Coke Zone' logo
    Find a code printed on bottle, under the label
    Enter codes at 'Coke Zone', or text them to 88555 if you're on the go, throughout July
    And that's it! For every code you enter in July we'll double the points; that means 4 points from 500ml bottles and 6 points from 2l bottles.

    It all adds up to a great July at 'Coke Zone'
    Double points means it's even easier to get the rewards you've been saving for or quickly increase the number of points in your bottle bank. With loads of rewards, competitions and cool stuff you just can't get anywhere else you're much better off at 'Coke Zone' this July.

    Enjoy the rewards!

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    Thats great, thanks although I already knew that!!
    Shame that I don't like coke zero coz it has no sugar or sweetnew and none of my friends drink it so i can never get double codes.
    Just have to settle for normal 2 pointers!
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