double sized car radio for saab

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Found 20th Oct 2007
hi im after a new in car stero system for my saab 93 but the radio i want to bring out is double the normal size. does anyone know where i can get a decent cheap new size. if anyone has any ideas for the new set up could they let me know please.,,,,,,,


How much you want to spend? I can think of an awesome one for £700......


Slightly cheaper (no sat nav) for £500.....


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700 seems a bit much mate i was thinking more of 250-3 max

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for every thing, i know that the other option could be that i could get some fillers and get a normal size radio. but i dont know where i would get this i also need to sort out fitting of it all too....... maybe i need mmore money

Try your local Halfords, they stock dash adapters and if you spend over I think about £100 its free fitting too not including the dash plate which will cost no more than £20.

It cheeses me off when halfords charge so much for fitting stereo's, when infact it is a doddle! If your car is newish, then it will be a simple case of remove old stereo, buy ISO adaptor if required (this will change the plugs from Saab to ISO which is an industry standard fitting for aftermarket stereos) fit new cage (holds the stereo in the dash, involves pushing in a metal frame into the hole and pushing in carious lugs, whichever ones fit) and then plugging it in and sliding the new unit in.

I'd check to see if you actually have a double DIN size stereo. Fords look like they have double din, but infact it's only 1.8. Dont know if Saab is the same.
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