Double your pay as you go airtime credit!!!! loophole

    i think some of you will already be aware of this famous loophole but there are some that are still not aware, ebay sellers are still selling this loophole on ebay for £2.99. The best part is that it is still alive and running and people have made lots of money selling airtime through this in the past. Here it is.

    You can double your pay as you go airtime credit!!!
    Is simple and best of all its FREE!!!

    This is how it works!

    It should work on all pay as you go networks
    1. Buy a top up voucher of your choice, find a friend who is also on the same network to buy one too.
    2. Both of you type in the required numbers of the top up voucher into your phone. Remembering to both use the same voucher.
    3. When you get to the last number, both of you press confirm at the exact same time so the same voucher registers on both of your phones.
    4. Repeat step 3. with the other voucher.
    You will now have twice the amount of credit on your phone for the price of half!!!
    This is a loophole and 100% legal. You are not breaking any laws doing this!
    This should work around 95% of the time.


    This is fraud and your mobile number could get blocked.


    Original Poster Banned

    you can also do this alone but make sure to press confirm at the same time.

    Original Poster Banned


    This is fraud and your mobile number could get blocked.Spamming.

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