Doug hyde picture required!

Found 5th Feb 2008
Hi Guys I was looking for a doug hyde print for the Mrs and have come up with 2 i like, one i can't find apart from fleabay and the other is about £235 delivered, wondered if anyone new where i could get them cheaper?
Also is there a big difference between having them mounted or not as i plan on getting someone else to frame it anyway? As price wise theres a big difference!

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thanks emmajo!
with the investin art 1 it is cheaper if u dont get it mounted by like £30, does this just not include mounting card? if so when im getting it framed would it not be cheaper to get the card then
the buy fineart one dunt include VAT so will be a little bit more spensive!
I would imagine the mount is just a card type back and border ready to be put in to a frame. If you are paying to have it framed your self am sure that will included the mounting other wise the picture would not sit in the frame properly. Just going buy experience on stuff I have bought in the past. It will be easier to deliver if it is not mounted as I assume it will be rolled in a tube.
You may be able to get it cheaper if you hunt around the net a bit. The local gallery in town is more expensive than any I have seen on line.
Am sure the gift will go down a treat. :thumbsup:
I have spent a few thousand on getting limited edition art work from a gallery in Yorkshire, all from the artist Mackenzie Thorpe. I have found even though I live over 300 miles and have never been to the galley Peter Brown the owner is a font all knowledge and has a extensive collection of pictures in stock.
Have a look at the site and if you do need any questions in respect of art work framing etc he is the man. I give him my personal recommendation for good prices and in most cases I have paid for the art over several months with NO interest, and no inflated prices. Most of the stuff I have bought is over £200 per print, and when buying art you alwasy want to know your getting a good deal.

picturesales.co.uk/ :thumbsup:
thanks for the recommendation mate! although he does seem a bit more spensive than others ive seen!
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