downgrade 4.0.2 to 3.1.3 iphone 3g

    i just bought an iphone and was wondering, is it possible to jailbreak and go on the 3.1.3 software?


    If it's new and on 4.0.2 I think you're stuck with it for the time being.

    Apples upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 removed the pdf exploit that the jailbreak worked on.

    There may be some CFW around but nothing works on 4.0.2 iirc.

    Actually, I'm talking rubbish, you can still JAILBREAK

    Why do you want 3.1.3?

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    so i can jailbreak

    You can jb on what you are on....downgrading is a right load of faffing and rarely works

    You can jb 4.0.2 - Link fixed

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    how lol, is it not slow with 4.0.2

    you can jailbreak the iphone 3g on the 4.0.2

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    what iv done is downgraded to 4.01 because i couldnt do it to 3.1.3


    what iv done is downgraded to 4.01 because i couldnt do it to 3.1.3

    Now just type into the browser on the phone and swipe to jailbreak.

    Sorry to butt in, but I have a 3Gs on 4.0.2 and I have SSH Blobs saved for 4.0.1

    Does anyone know a good guide for me to downgrade ?




    I've tried that numerous times and everytime i get a different error code

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    hi mate, its already jailbroken but its on 4.0.1
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