Downgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 on iPhone 3GS ?

    Is this at all possible? My mate wants to Jailbreak his phone but can't as these are his details:
    *********** Serial Number
    05.12.01 - firmware
    MC131B model
    3.1.3 Version but needs to bring down to 3.1.2

    We know that Apple have stopped signing off old versions but it there any other way?


    If the phone was previously jailbroken on 3.12 then updated to 3.13 then it is possible. If the phone has never been jailbroken and is running the current 3.13 there is no jailbreak possible at the moment.

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    That's what I thought mate, Yeh if I open upen up my Cydia is says at the top all the version it still has the SSH file for which is cool....but apart from that my mate and I will just wait for 3.1.3 jailbreak in the next few months to be released

    Yes it can - bought one myself on the same firmware etc... Use Redsnow and download the 3.1.2 software and tell redsnow to use that - works a treat mine is now jailbroken!!!

    I dont think MC Models can be jailbroken at the moment. If they can I would like to know how!

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    Oscarcherry is this true what Snoop has just commented with?
    I was just about to go for it but will hold off if you can check


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    I read it MC Which is the new one
    looks like it can't be done then

    nope it cant be done, maybe a method on the 12th

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    thanks all, I shall wait till then

    thank god I never done it

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    nope it cant be done, maybe a method on the 12th

    Nope the comments from the “TheiPhoneDevTeam” have been classed as fake! the video released from them was totally untrue

    ah well.....may the wait continue
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