Downgrading/Unlocking an iPhone 3G

    Can anybody recommend any good tutorial sites or forums for downgrading and unlocking an iPhone 3G.

    I've found a couple on Google but obviously due to the popularity of this device there is quite a lot of rubbish to filter through.


    downgrading as in the baseband?

    I'm guessing you're on 2.2.1?

    When did you get it? Was it new? dates are very important in the ability to downgrade

    hmm, I see you;re offline.

    If the phone was made before Oct last year there is a good chance you can downgrade it, if after this date it's highly likely you can't.

    You need to jailbreak using Quickpwn
    Then run Cydia
    Search for Fuzzy
    Install and run fuzzy

    If it's downgradable, it'll do it, if it's not it'll tell you, nothing you can do but use O2 or try a rebel sim but I'm pretty sure their functionality on newer FW is poor, i.e. no app store, no itunes, skype etc

    Once downgraded, Search in Cydia for Yellowsn0w
    Install and all done,

    Jailbroken and sim unlocked.

    If you don't really know what you're doing, DO NOT update any FW until you know it can be sim unlocked as all FW updates wil remove what you did above and you will have to start again, which will probably be impossible as Apple will do something to render sim unlocks impossible again.

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    Thanks for the reply, sorry, I was away at lunch, I do have a turbo sim which I bought from a certain auction site which will remain nameless but when I put that in with the Vodafone sim it worked for the first few seconds and then it had no signal and no it just says Searching.

    I put the Voda sim in without the Turbo sim and it just looks like it doesn't get a signal.

    I bought the phone pre-owned from the same site, it's a 16GB 3G, it's running 2.2.1 with the 2.30.03 baseband. I'm unsure of the bootloader version though as I'm at work so I haven't been able to check that yet since it looks like quite a lot of hassle involving Windows or Mac apps (unless you know of an easier way to do it) but it does look like it's a good few months old.

    I did jailbreak an Ipod Touch 1st Gen last week though so I have at least a bit of experience I suppose.

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    Fantastic, thanks.


    Fantastic, thanks.

    Just JB and run fuzzy, if it works it works, if not you know the BL is 5.09 and you're stuffed.

    You can always get a simplicity contract and port your number.:thumbsup:

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    OK well it's fallen at the first hurdle unfortunately, when I attempted to load the ipsw in quickpwn 225-2 it's saying that the file doesn't match however I'm using doesn't match the version on the iphone, however, they appear to be exactly the same.

    I'm using file iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

    EDIT: Sorry, it was my mistake, it was actually the wrong fw file, I've added the correct one now.

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    Well it wasn't downgradeable, but I put that card thing back in and it appears to be working this time, including after a reboot so hopefully it will do the job until a 5.09 hack is released I suppose.
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