Download festival traffic tomorrow...

    Random forum to post this on, but as good as any I guess!

    Travelling from Nottingham to Alton towers (not my choice!) tomorrow morning, does anyone know if what the traffic is likely to be like?
    Specifically worrying about the A453 /M1 /A50 island area.
    Think it's going to be a bit busier than usual with people going to Download for the Sunday, but not sure just how bad it's likely to be.

    Any opinions greatly appreciated


    If anything like Detonate Festival (Download Festival is better and bigger) then it will be crazy
    Traffic management and road signs are adequate but mix that with 1,000's of young drivers and then you know it's going to be a nightmare.

    pm sent

    Maybe the A453 will be easier now it's dualled but I'd stay well clear - possibly A52 route - if I had the time
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    Thanks, yeh I live a few minutes form Detonate.

    We'll see then, at least the 453 is better now it's dual carriageway

    Apprently queues to get into the arena are very long as well due to more secruity searches

    A50 will be unaffected. Most issues will be the roads leading up to junction for east midlands airport but with the poor attendance this year it may be quieter.

    Why don't you just take the A52 to Derby and then carry on through Derby towards Ashbourne and go that way? I can't think there would be much in it and there won't be traffic that way.

    I always go that way although I live in Derby.

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    There was no traffic at all, thanks all!
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