Download Resident Evil 5 DEMO (Xbox 360 ONLY)

    for anyone who wants to play the Resident Evil 5 demo early, its from the Japan Marketplace, someone has ripped it onto thier pc

    - download the five rar parts
    - extract them
    - this will get you one (1!) folder named "content"
    - burn this folder to a cd
    - insert cd into 360, it will show up as "mixed media"
    - navigate to "my xbox", "demos"
    - click & play!


    Is it any good?

    Original Poster

    come to think about it i might be breaking the forum rules if i post the link, unless a MOD can confirm

    Original Poster

    i believe its good...

    Ive heard if you have any saves from it on your console you cant get booted from live, ive just grabbed it via merlins portal.

    PM me if you want a link for this... it's only around 500mb

    I have extracted it all to content folder and burnt them to a disc, cant get the xbox to see the disc, it just says open tray on the dashboard?! anyone help, have i formatted the disc the right way?

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    basic you just exract the file which is the 'content', then it is this content folder you burn onto a blank CD/DVD, then put into your xbox, browse to the demo section, it should be there
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