Downloadable Xbox 360 user manuals?

    Seeing as you dont get any manuals included when you rent games from LoveFilm and the like, is there anywhere that has them available to download for free?


    no. not unless someone has physically scanned em.

    Bit annoying if you download all your games but hey, rough with the smooth..

    Original Poster

    I bet they are out there somewhere. I'm sure SwapGame used to do it years ago.

    edit, found a few ]here but not the one i'm after of course.

    what are you after?

    i got the left4dead manual here…ual

    i can email you it to save u signing up if its the one u need

    never looked for others though!


    I recommend looking on ]http//ww…rg . They cover every game in **** detail to make sure you can finish them. Won't necessarily have the same info as a manual but they will help you out with questions.

    the kids just play the games no trouble, its only the old farts that need to read the instructions
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