Found 4th Jul 2007
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good site for downloading abums.

Im using Limewire, but that is on a song by song basis.

Im not condoning downloading music illegally, but just for refrence details:whistling:

Thanks in advance


not used it for months but soulseek used to brilliant. :thumbsup: loads better than limewire for music

heres the url

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Excellent thanks

I haveused that before.

Does that do it by album?

yes it does, and unlike limewire no adware or spyware

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Thanks for that

If anyone else know other software please keep em coming



Thanks for thatIf anyone else know other software please keep em … Thanks for thatIf anyone else know other software please keep em comingThanks

A good one, I reckon, is using Bittyrant (if you google it, the website does come up and you can download and install it) to manage the downloads/uploads, and use [url][/url] to search for whatever you are looking for.

I find they give great speeds and have just about everything I've looked for. Just make sure your virus/spyware is up to date, just incase...

]allofmp3 shut down

i bought a voucher for itunes for £27
so albums cost about £2

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Has anyone used Torrentspy before or Azureus?

Azureus is good, as is µTorrent. Torrentspy's a little flakey at times and full of ads but worth a look.
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