Downpipe come away from gutter

Posted 4th Jun 2015
My parents paid out over £700 about 5 months ago now, to a roofing contractor (who actually owns the business), to replace all of the gutter around the back and sides of the house and also put in a new downpipe. About 6 weeks ago, the downpipe came away at the top from the gutter (seems to have slotted in to it at the top). The downpipe is now only being held in place by a bracket closer to the ground (3 storey house).

My mum has tried numerous times to contact the owner (who did the work) and left messages but he has been ignoring them. I tried ringing from my mobile and it seemed to do the trick - he picked up (think he was ignoring my parents). I explained what the problem was and sent him pictures of the problem. He told me that he would ring them, but was going on holiday for a week. He has been back for over a week now, but is again ignoring my mum's calls and answer phone messages. I'm going to try him tonight again.

Just wondering, if he tells me that he will turn up to do the work and still doesn't, is there anything from a legal point of view, that can be done about this - trading standards or something? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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