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Posted 27th Apr 2016
HI all,

I’ve have recently been put in a awkward situation regarding a package from Ebay and no receipt of that package.

I ordered the items a good 2 weeks ago (14th April) and recently contacted the sender for a ETA on the arrival of the package. They provided me with a ref no and told me according to the delivery company the item was signed for and delivered on the previous Thursday (21st April)

The seller has been very good in helping, even tho to them this situation might seem like im trying to pull a fast one, which im not. The item apparently was delivered on Thursday 21st at 1 pm and signed for…….now here is the issue I was not home until around 6pm as I work week days 9-5 about 20miles from home.

PDP are claiming the item has been delivered and the driver is saying he got a signature from a male apparently at my address and the vans GPRs so im told puts him at that location…..after various arguments with DPD from my side and the sender DPD are now investigating and today ( 27th April ) have reportedly sent the driver back to the address to speak to whoever apparently signed for it……..

My issue is that I fear that the driver has forged the signature which doesn’t match mine and is just my surname, then either taken/stolen the package or left it in a unsecure location and then reported it delivered when is has not.

I should add I have not received this item and there is no one else at my property to take delivery. I have even checked with my neighbours to see if it has been taken to them which they say is hassnt.

So my question is do I have a leg to stand on with getting my money back?? As Ebay and Paypal are saying the item has been delivered according to the delivery company so cannot even raise a dispute with them and DPD seem to be no help and are saying depending what the driver says will result in if the “case” they have opened about the missing package will be closed or not……

Thankyou for reading and any advice will be greatly appreciated
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