Dpd sent my delivery to the wrong address

Posted 28th Nov 2017
What can i do? It's been signed for according the tracking but i didn't receive it, what steps should i take?
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contatct the sender as they would have made the error
mattmerch3 m ago

contatct the sender as they would have made the error

Tell the police.
This happened to me recently and the ebay seller was not very helpful as he was saying it's been signed for, I opened a case which ebay closed once the seller provided proof of signature, I was not very happy then a week later a neighbour a few doors along decides to bring me my parcel.
I had the same issue last year when DPD instead of delivering it to my office delivered it to some house nearby. They opened an investigation and said they could check based on GPS location history that the driver was near when the delivery was made. The case was then closed. By sheer luck, the receipient of the parcel after about a week dropped it at the right address. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the address when I checked on receipt of the parcel.
same thing happened to my mum a few years ago. it was royal mail. they said that a parcel had been delivered and a signature recorded so they could not do anything. they emailed me the receipt signature and said that was the end of it.

WTF!! my mum was frantic as it was an expensive parcel. evening of that day, the neighbour came over and handed the parcel over, which he had opened! nothing was missing so my mum was so relieved.
Never had a problem with dpd
Ring DPD. Happened a couple of years ago though they didn't actually deliver the parcel but while sitting in the house my partner got text to say no-one in, please ring to arrange. Rang them and they tried the next day. Same thing text again no-one home, but she was sitting in all day. Rang them again, got the same dispatcher who in the process of double checking the address said he knew the area and the driver was in the town beside the village according to his tracking (similar address), he had missed reading an important part of the address. Offered to pickup myself from the depot but the very nice dispatcher said he would be driving nearby on his own way home from work and would deliver himself.
They use a similar system that I'm aware off and the device obtaining the signature also captures a geo-code with a time stamp. That combined with the vehicles tracking (assuming they where not using a subbie/third party) is enough proof of a non-deliverly or deliverly to wrong address. Well at least they do in Ireland/N.Ireland (solution was provided by a company called Zetes who I used to work closly with on the POD solution design.
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Odds on whoever has the parcels on giving me my ps4 bundle 🤣
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That’s the worst thing , no one will do a real investigation. So if you haven’t got a honest neighbour your parcel has gone . As the courier won’t go back to the address or give you the info of the address it’s dropped off at . Unless your out and they leave a card with details of where it’s gone ( next door , or 116 ) .
My partner made and order with slim&save. She received a text with a delivery date. Over the next two days she received 3 more texts from dpd stating new delivery dates and times at her request. She had not made any changes to the delivery so was baffled. The day the package was meant to arrive they sent a text in the morning again rescheduling. The same day in the evening they sent another text stating the parcel would be available for collection from an address she had never heard of again at her request. We checked the dpd app and the app says the parcel has already been delivered to the random pick up location. The text that was sent stated the package would be delivered 2 days later at her request but the app said it was already there. Contacted slim&save and they said it was because we requested it but did not get the point about the dates and times not matching up. Lost package and 10 pounds return fee. Avoid dpd.
gary.nang-geizer22/05/2019 10:02

My partner made and order with slim&save...

You joined HUKD just to add a rant to a 2-years old thread? Welcome.
My friend had similar problem with DPD. Long story but here goes...

Courier went to the door, rang bell, friend not at home so courier proceeds to OPEN the large boxed item and looks inside, picks up the box and walks out of CCTV capture range. Friend returns home to not see item but does not realise it missing until days later when he phones Ebay seller. Seller confirms delivery days earlier, friend checks CCTV to see courier messing around.

Friend phones DPD back, they say they have proof of acceptance signature (but not signed by friend so a random signature!). Friend demands courier is questioned by manager who gets courier to phone friend. Courier speaks to friend to say he left parcel by garage and that if box was missing then just claim on house insurance!!!

Friend files non-delivery complaint to Ebay but they want proof. Friend sends CCTV file which Ebay took so long to respond that the complaint case was closed. Eventually, Ebay ruled in favour of seller. In meantime, seller will not refund, DPD will not accept negligence and friend is £100 out of pocket.

Beware of such poor and unreliable couriers!
AndyRoyd22/05/2019 10:14

You joined HUKD just to add a rant to a 2-years old thread? Welcome.

Just shows DPD are unreliable 2 years on!
Bishbash22/05/2019 10:21

Just shows DPD are unreliable 2 years on!

On the contrary: one parcel misplaced every two years is an exceptionally low error rate.
One rant on sign-up day is perceptively less exceptional; esp considering similar hit&rant posts rarely see return of OP.
Bishbash22/05/2019 10:20

My friend had similar problem with DPD.... Beware of such poor and …My friend had similar problem with DPD.... Beware of such poor and unreliable couriers!

Your friend has no contractual relationship with the courier; the relationship is exclusively with the seller. Beware of such poor and unreliable sellers.
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