Dr Horrible's Sing-along blog (Joss Whedon)

    Anyone who likes Joss Whedon's stuff.... specifically FireFly, or the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.... you might like Dr Horrible's sing-along blog.

    Apparently he did this during the writer's strike or something... but it's only available for free to watch online until midnight Sunday July 20th......…tml


    Thanks for posting Emma.

    Enjoyed Firefly but after watching 1/2 the first episode of this it just didn't hold my attention and to be honest I didn't find it the least bit amusing.

    Maybe I'm missing something (never watched Buffy) or maybe just too tired ??

    Cheers again

    Original Poster

    Yeah, I didn't find it brilliant, it was a bit slow in parts... but just thought I'd post for fans who might be interested

    What it needs is a very naked Boreanaz running around in it. Well, maybe not actually running cause that's just made me feel sick, all that bouncing around, but you get the idea... :whistling:

    I loved it personally
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