Dr Julius

    Dear Friend,

    Hope you are in good and sound health.

    Please let this confidential deal offer does not be a surprise to you because Almighty Creator has made it to be successful for us in live. I am Dr. JULIUS DIALA, a professional banker with Group Bank Of Africa (BOA) here in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa. Dear, with the due respect, I made up my mind to seek for your assistance to carry out a successful funds transfer of Sixteen Million U.S Dollars (US$16,000,000.00).

    The account beneficiary of this fund is our foreign customer who died with his entire family in his private jet crash three years ago. Since his death occurred, no body has shown up to claim the money because the supposed next of kin died alongside with him.

    Therefore, your assistance is highly needed. To achieve our aims from this lucrative transaction, you should do the following:

    1.) To apply for the claim and transfer of the fund into your account as the only existing next of kin to the deceased.

    2.) To provide a reliable bank account from your country where our bank will transfer the fund into.

    3.) After the transfer of the fund into your account, you will be entitled to 35% of the total fund transferred in your account.

    4.) To assure me solemnly that you will not disclose this transaction to any one until the fund is transferred.

    5.) A week or two weeks after the transfer, I will resign from my the bank and prepare to be in your country for the disbursement of the fund, that means you should assure me of assistance getting into your country for the sharing.

    In conclusion, note that this transaction is completely free from risk and you are not taking any risk at all because there will be a legal back up documents from our bank.

    If you accept to help, reply with your FULL DETAILED INFORMATION so that I will send you the "Official Letter to apply for this claim.




    Original Poster

    Wonder how many people fall for this, must be some folk otherwise they wouldn't send these emails.

    Nah lol

    I thought the only genuine ones came from Nicaragua? wow now am so confused.........

    wow! so you going for it then?

    I thought it was a scam mail from Nigeria but Burkina Faso! I'm in for share.....

    Original Poster


    wow! so you going for it then?

    Sounds like a good deal eh. :thumbsup:

    you got any more details?
    sounds like a good deal to me.
    wonder what the catch is!

    that is so sad...a jet crash and all his family died....your so lucky he came across your should reply...mention your a miliionaire and very sympathetic to the situation.......if your bored and want to waste their time...because they will reply to that

    Original Poster


    you got any more details?sounds like a good deal to me.wonder what the … you got any more details?sounds like a good deal to me.wonder what the catch is!

    Don't think there is one.

    Seems to be a common amount that lots of folks have to dish out on google.…x-a
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