Dr Martens alternatives???

Posted 16th May
I'm a big Dr. Martens fan, but I'm starting to loose all faith in them. Quality seems pretty poor these days.
After the leather on the last pair of boots I bought split within a month, I don't think I'm gonna be buying any more in future!
So, can anyone reccomened a women's boot brand that's actually OK quality for the price? I like the more unusual designs (embroidery, bright colours etc.)
I've heard a few people recommend solovair, but they're a little plain for my taste.
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Solovair are like DM old quality.

Depending on what size you take and how much you want to spend there are some interesting options.

Just bought one of my daughters these samuel-windsor.co.uk/men…338

She has the same attitude to you re DM, but has a preference for brogues. And we've been looking at some of the better mens boot brands looking to pick some up either used or in sales. The ones above were bought as a 'cheap lets give it a try' option but shes happy with them.

crockett & jones, barker, loakes, cheaney, trickers, oliver sweeny etc all have some more interesting styles - albeit at a price.
We've previously bought some stuff from fance and spain that were quite nice - obviously depends on

reddit has a handy subgroup on good quality shoes - its well worth a look through the recommendations and options. reddit.com/r/g…lt/
Thanks, I'll check those out!
Are the "made in england" dms not supposed to be better quality?
dufflecoat_moon_turkey16/05/2020 19:00

Are the "made in england" dms not supposed to be better quality?

In theory, but I've seen a few fb posts with people having problems with them too lately :/
Check out Rose Anvil on youtube, does lots of boot reviews once Dr M's very interesting seeing how they and other shoes/boots are made
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