Dr Who comics from 1979/1980 and loads of books

    Hi everyone. I'm not looking to sell here but looking for ideas of where I COULD sell. I have a stack of Dr Who comics by Marvel Comics. Every issue between Oct 79 and Aug 80 including the summer special. I also have 75-80 Dr Who books from the same time as well, and a pack of Dr Who Top Trumps or Trump Cards as they were called then.

    Does anyone know of any specialist Dr Who places who would be interested in these? I've tried searching online but can only ever find stuff to do with the new, current Dr Who series's. I live in South East London, maybe someone knows of a shop or something where I could go.

    All help/ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks very much. :thumbsup:

    PS Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. Maybe a mod could let me know if this is the case. Ta.



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    Head to your local comic shop. Been a long time since I was down your way, so I'm out of touch with comic shops in your area.

    Although don't get too excited. British comics don't have much of a resale value, although a long complete run would be of interest.

    The books will be worth a bit more as annuals have more of a market, although don't think your making your fortune. Its worth phoning a few places to compare prices.

    A friend has a shop in St Albans and although he probably wouldn't be interested he would give you a fair indication of what they are worth. PM me if you want his details.

    However a comic shop will want to make some money on the resale so they will only give you about 50% of what they are worth (especially with this sort of stuff as they are likely to have it in their stock for a while).

    Otherwise E-bay is your best bet. Especially if you are willing to ship Internationally. US collectors will probably pay a bit more for the annuals as they are scarce over there.

    Most of the stories in the individual issues have been collected in trade paper backs over recent years. Which further reduces the chance of selling them.

    I'd try Ebay - You can always set a reserve if you are worried about them going too cheaply.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for suggestions.
    Any more?
    Tried the and they were basically a charity who had loads of Dr Who stuff to sell and they 'advertised' it on that website.
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