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Found 13th Aug 2017
Id appreciate any help given as i cant figure it out. Ive searched google without success.

I had 7 drafts saved!....On my iPad app for hotmail. I accidentally deleted the whole hotmail app. I've reinstalled the app and all my normal messages are there, but my drafts have gone. Really need these back.

I read something online about restoring your deleted emails, and it maybe there but theres no restore on my emails. And i also read something about sync emails, but again. I cant see anything to do this.


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Draft emails are stored on the local device and once deleted cannot be restored as far as I'm aware, obviously I stand to be corrected if someone knows otherwise.

thanks for the reply. Ah ok, ive lost them then. I'll have to start again
Use Aquamail it's much better that the Hotmail app, although that wont help with your drafts, it's a much better app to use.
Did you do, by any chance, a backup in between the drafts being written and the app being deleted? Because I know that if you have a backup of the app when the drafts were still present, if you restore the backup you should get them back.
Kik for example doesn't keep conversations if you log out or uninstall. I had a backup made and when I restored it, the conversation that had been on my kik (I wasn't interested in it being still present) was brought back from the day the backup was made. This despite the fact Kik itself doesn't restore conversations if you log out or uninstall and then reinstall.
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