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Found 16th Jan
Match up to the hype surrounding the game?
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I forgot to try it!
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deleted80034216th Jan

I forgot to try it!

I’m not too bothered about online unless trophies are involved. I’m getting the game day 1 for the Dragon Ball Z fighting experience and spectacle with tons of easter eggs, the Android 21 story mode “canon” from Akira Toriyama, versus couch multiplayer and to enjoy the other modes. But the online problems of the beta were seriously bad especially so close to release, I have never experienced any other beta over the past years be so unprepared and underestimating of the potential userbase getting onto an OPEN beta (had a load of betas be bad but at least they had some semblance of aframework in place for problems). I heard the last Guilty Gear game had a similar online interface and that I heard was flawless with dedicated servers, so there is a chance that the servers could be on point (maybe if Ark Systems Works wished to Shenron).
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