Dragon Ball + Z + GT and Movies Import (English Please)

Found 14th Jun 2008
I have been trying to get hold of the whole lot of Dragon Ball + Z + GT and all the movies and I'm having no luck at all I've tried ebay and it looks like there all copy's so i was wondering if any 1 could help me find them all at a reasonable price please.

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Hey, theres a few websites i use for all my anime & manga imports:

Note: Prices listed are for the dubbed versions as requested. Original language with english subs are cheaper tho.


These guys have Dragonball GT for £49.99 Dragonball Z for £159.99 Dragonball for £69.99 and the movies between £8.99 & £14.99

These have individual season boxsets from £21.99 and the movies around the £9-£13 mark(prices actually listed in US Dollars, and do not include the delivery costs, but they are quick & efficient, I've had no trouble from them at all)

These have individual series from £23.99, movies around the £10 mark. (again, prices on website are in US Dollars & do not include shipping. However, when you order with these guys, you usually get an e-mail code for discounts on your next order, so its pretty good in that respect)
Hope these help you out
they help me out alot thanks for the reply
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