Dragonball Z - Burst Limit PS3 - Prices?

    My friend lent me dragonball z on the PS3 and a colleague in work asked me to bring it in. You can guess what happened. They asked to borrow it for 1 day, so i let them and it has came back broken, along with an excuse and £10 towards a new one.

    I've been looking online but i can't see anywhere with the damn game in stock, let alone for around £10 !!

    Anyone know where i can find this game on the cheap?



    Best I can find although it's not sold by Amazon @ £15…***

    What was the excuse?
    You should buy the game and demand your colleague to pay it back in full (of course showing the receipt)

    my boys bought it yesterday from game £25

    I would pay a rediculous price show them the reciept and tell them to pay up, if you don't fancy that, then I think that coolshop still have it at £12
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