Drainy smell coming up through sink?

Posted 22nd Jan 2009
Every now and again an awful drainy/sewagy smell comes up through our kitchen sink - it may be conincidence but it seemed to be when my husband ran the water upstairs this morning?

Any ideas or do you think putting loads of bleach down each sink should cure it?
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soda crystals from any supermarket (50p) and hot water will flush your drains
also go outside and put dissinfectant down the drains
We had the same problem a few years back. If it is coming up from your kitchen sink, then it is the outside drain rather than the waste pipes indoors. Lift the drain cover to make sure nothing is blocking the hole, then do as the previous poster suggests, but direct into the drain.
get some sink unblocker x
We had the same, firstly I undid the bits (the trap and bend bit?) underneath and there was this grey slime which cleaned off ok, the smell stopped and the water ran better, but over Christmas it started again and then the toilet downstairs wouldn't flush properly (very slowly emptying out) I did wonder if it was the cat litter (oops) I had flushed a while back blocking it, but no. In the end we called a plumber who after checking things out thoroughly, called Anglian Water (because it was the manhole in the road off our property) who rodded the drains and things are back to normal. I should really have called a plumber in the first place rather than waste money/time/energy on sink unblockers £3+ a time. The plumber charged £20 and Anglian Water were free.
Plumbers swear by 'mr muscle sink and drain unblocker ', try it first to save your money
Check your sink overflow pipe that runs from sink to the u bend and clean the u bend and overflow pipe if needed, our overflow was pretty long and water was bouncing from the ubend into the overflow pipe and sitting for years,ended up cutting the overflow pipe shorter and refitting,smell is ok now though.

Plumbers swear by 'mr muscle sink and drain unblocker ', try it first to … Plumbers swear by 'mr muscle sink and drain unblocker ', try it first to save your money

a much cheaper option (and better in my opinion) is to use baking powder and bleach.

slowly pour a tub of baking powder into the effected sink (try to get the stuff right into the plughole, not just piled on top). then pour bleach on top. leave it for a while and use a skewer or something similar to poke down into the plughole, then more bleach (i normally use 1/2 bottle altogether), leave for a few hours, then pour kettle full of boiling water on top - clears it nicely.

you might want to leave a window open in the effected room, unless you like the overpowering smell of bleach and quite like the idea of passing out due to the fumes!
bicarbonate of soda and then white vinegar also works
We had this a while ago, really horrible eggy smell! Bleach etc didnt work at all.

So i turned water off, undid everything underneath and gave it a good clean. Got all the gunk out which was unbelievable - there was so much.

Sorted it out within 15 minutes.

Sorted it out within 15 minutes.

So about 200 quid if you'd called a plumber! ;-)
Right, I've added some soda crystals to my food shop - will start with that. Thanks for all the advice, I will eliminate one by one.
we have a horrible smell that wafts up our sink, and most of the estate does so it deffo not a prob,lem with sink, it can be fine then all of a sudden it bleedin stinks
is ya washing machine/dishwasher drain plumbed in before the trap.
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