Posted 20th Sep 2022 (Posted 11 h, 50 m ago)
Hey everyone, we have a nice set of wooden double doors, rebate style, on the front of our house. However, there is a gap between them which looks like it'll be quite a cold spot in the coming months...

I've seen a Stormguard product, which looks like I'd need to screw into the door to fit it, which isn't ideal if it isn't too long lasting. It's also not clear if it would work eith rebated doors too, which ours are (you can only open one door if the other is opened first.

Curious what products you guys here have had success (or lack of!) with!
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    Think some add porch or secondary doors to act as a blocker for cold air.
    As for strips you can buy stick on rubber tube shaped. Most though is nail or screw fixed.
    Not sure I helped much but best make it air tight
    I've been doing that at home the last few weeks.
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    Cheers, yeah I had a look at tool station yesterday and saw some storm guard strips too, stick on. Some were stick on with optional panel pins, which seems a bit less brutal and final than fairly large screws!