Found 21st May 2008
Help!!! Got the dreaded ring of death on my xbox 360 anyone know what to do?????

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sell it to the guy on the for sale/trade board he wants one of those lol

l0lz had this twice before
luckily i had bought the console off my bro and he has some contacts so when my last one busted managed to get a new premium with the HDMI perfect for my new 40 inch sony

As in the three red lights?
If this is the case then you can go to [url][/url] and register your console (if you have not already done so), then try and put it in for repair.
If the warranty is up then you will have to call them on the service number (it is on the site and they will point it out for you, I'll go have a look for it in a min).
After you call that and get connected to one of a million call centres they will ask you some questions etc, if it is plugged in, what colour the light is on the power brick etc etc, they WONT skip this bit as they are given a script that they MUST read out to you, so just go with it, it's a free call number
Eventually they will ask you if you want an email sent to you with your repair number, meaning you have to print it out and stick it to a box containing the xbox, ready for ups to pick up, or wait for one to come in the mail, which you then have to stick to a box and call ups to collect it.
UPS will come, take your 360 to Germany, they will fix/ replace it and UPS will bring it back, whew, long winded
I know all this because mine went of via UPS on Thursday last week, and is currently on it's way back, so the turn around is pretty quick, also you will be given 1 month free Live for the inconvenience.

Hope that helps mate,



Ring 0800 587 1102 which is XBox support, it is covered for 3 year's because of this problem.

I rang them today and spoke to an american lady who emailed me a return label.

I got this a week ago after messing with wires.....then realised i hadn't plugged the cable back into my xbox lol, so i would check just incase your as bad as me:oops:

wow unlucky, ms say it only happens to 3% of there consoles, bad luck.


How do you know it goes to Germany?I know mine was away for two full … How do you know it goes to Germany?I know mine was away for two full weeks (10 business days+), quick enough but if you're a 360 nutter you might go up the wall with boredom :lol:.

because that is where the label I printed said it was going, that is where UPS delivered it to, and that is where UPS's site currently say my console has left
I had no problems in waiting for it to come back, I bought it broken on the cheap, so anything is better than not having one.



Mine's off to Frankfurt, Germany with UPS.

I've just checked the label.

Now you've got the perfect excuse to go out and buy a PS3!

Wrap the Xbox in a thick towel to trap in the heat, lay the xbox on its side and turn it on, keep an eye on it for fire and have it on for 30mins or how long you like, let it cool down afterward and the Xbox360 should work again.

the RROD is caused by the poor ventilation causing the motherboard to to warp making the CPU connections move off the motherboard, the Towel heat technique may or may not work depending on how severe the warping is.

Just for the record,

MS have stated that using the towel method will void your warranty. You might get lucky and they won't know but my guess is that is fairly obvious when everything in the console has been baked rather than just the localised motherboard area.

MS released the console in December of 2005 so this means that ALL consoles still fall under warranty for this problem (it was extended to 3 years as was stated earlier). The only reason your console would not be covered under warranty is if it has been voided in some way.

My advice is send it off to MS and let them sort it out. I'm currently waiting to send mine off for the second time

Its annoying but its better than no 360

i was just about to say "wow, no one has said go and buy a PS3, then...."


Now you've got the perfect excuse to go out and buy a PS3!

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