Found 28th Mar 2010
Looking for information regarding this.

Im wanting to get myself a dreambox, and looking to pick up the many other channels that are broadcasting out there in space.

Is there anyone in the Glasgow area who does dish installations and pointing them at the right section of the Sky? Or whether im better with a motorised dish?

Or, if its easier, to point me in the right direction?


in b4 guv posts the link to his satellite thread...

guvs the man for this

but yes need a motorised 1 to pick up as many channels as possible

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Just found guv's thread. I saw the 1m dish he has posted. Im in a 1st floor flat and although we have a communal dish, i might be allowed to stick a fresh dish right on the wall on the other side of the tv with a fresh single feed to a basic sd dreambox.

Once i move out this flat into my own house, then ill get the massive silly setup.

But, just unsure on a lot of things and was wondering if there was anyone in the Glasgow area who would be maybe worth having a good chat to?

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Ive sent Guv a PM for some more details

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