Dreamcast accessories

    Got some accessories for the dreamcast that i wont need any more. Either gonna throw them out or stick em in the local friday ad. But before i do wanted to check if there is maybe some interest here for them.

    2 controllers
    1 VMU
    1 light gun
    1 steering wheel.

    If there is some interest ill look at costs for postage and packaging.

    they are all in excellent condition.


    i'm definitely interested in the light gun and probably the steering wheel too if the price is reasonable. are they official ones?

    If only DC had DVD...

    yeah might be interested in this lot, but you need to put it in the FS/ FT forum.


    Original Poster

    Not really sure what to price each item.....P+P is probably gonna be the biggest pain..what prices do you all Think?????

    The light Gun is madcatz but the rest including steering wheel is official.
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