Found 22nd Feb 2011
Just seen Martin Sheen on the 1 show......(OK, just in the room when it was on, hate it). My hero, brilliant actor (Apoclypse Now).....with the worst set of dreadful dentures I have ever seen.

He is like a horse with new teeth. Shocking for such a wealthy man
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They look like joke shop ones!
With all his millions. We kept staring they were like joke shop ones. What with his face lift and botex, he looked weird. Even his Son was botoxed to the max....

Edited by: "Tanya" 22nd Feb 2011
Charlie? You mean Emilio?
I thought Americans all had really good teeth too
they were truly ridiculous - like a horse, made worse by the fat that he kept licking them....
Ermm Martin on the left emilo on the right.

I thought he must've lost his teeth and borrowed someone elses. Very wrong.
I'd like to see a good set of dreadful dentures.
Looks like a hairpiece, too.

Son Charlie apparently wears one, too, and it's supposed to be hereditary ...
I LOVE two and a half men- its fab-u-lo-us !!
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