Dreamscene Video Downloads?

    Just starting messing with Dreamscene for Vista, (basically putting a video as a background rather than a picture) and it's quite interesting. Would recommend people give it a go. I'm looking for some good content for it though, most of the videos that I've found for it are either too short so looping looks awful or the camera constantly moves so it ruins the effect.

    I'm looking for some good fishtank videos to start me off, I've found a few but can't seem to figure out how to save the preview? Don't really want to buy a fishtank video!!!…4DA…072

    Any ideas how to save those or any other ways of getting some good vids???


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    All these are free and in high definition:WMV HD Content Showcase

    Thanks, but they don't fit the bill unfortunately. They're great videos but not static cameras which I want. I'm looking for a sort of view out of a window effect. Think I'm just going to take my camera to a nice view for an hour or so and stick it on the tripod.

    I wonder if you could stick a webcam on the background easily? There must be some nice webcam views around?

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    You Tube … You Tube ??

    Second one's not bad but the first is just the screensaver!!!

    Think I may go up the hill with my camera and take some nice view videos.

    Better off nipping over to the beach or the clifftops at Bedruthan Steps. Beautiful !!

    do you need vista ultimate for dreamscene benji? i only have home premium

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    do you need vista ultimate for dreamscene benji? i only have home premium

    Think so, you have to download it via windows update.
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