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Posted 30th Jun 2020
Hi all, need to take down a wooden playhouse/climbing frame

this week so brings the need for a cordless tool to do the job. Would a combi

drill do the job? If so, any recommendations please?

I’m thinking a budget of

£100 for one tool, £150 for a kit (combi and impact) – either the erbauer from

Screwfix (£150) or Ryobi from Amazon (£140), erbauer being brushless but ryobi although

1.5A battery seems better bet to extend into garden tool collection.
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Are you taking it down to re use it or dispose of it.
Can’t you just saw it into pieces?
sorry, disassemble then reassemble
Couldn’t a cordless screwdriver do the job? A lot cheaper. It’s just unscrewing, moving and reassembly from your description. If you really want a combi this is highly rated

Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion Combi Drill, Electric Screwdriver, Accessory Kit, LED Work Light, Quick Change Battery & Charger Included (18V Cordless Drill & 13pc Kit) amazon.co.uk/dp/…DNG
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do have got a 3.6v cordless screwdriver, not sure it's up to the challenge and should have mentioned might try my hand at a garden project, thanks for the suggestion, will have a read of the reviews
Depends on your needs really. You could do the whole thing with a combi drill but it would take you longer. Twin set might be useful but I'd say you're better aiming for one with bigger batteries. Garden tools really don't take kindly to weedy 1.3Ah batteries so that point is redundant. Ryobi batteries very rarely come down in price... (Honestly, go back through the search function on here and you will see the 4Ah and 5Ah are basically never reduced) If you read the comments on that recent £75 Amazon Ryobi combi drill deal people were saying that the cheap starter charger was shockingly (no pun intended) poor. If you want to get garden tools then Einhell or Parkside might be worth a look. If you just want a decent kit then B&Q/Screwfix have good offerings. The 12V Erbauer (£90), 18V Stanley (£100) and 18V Black and Decker (£80) all seem OK but not much scope for tool expansion. Homebase also have an Ozito/Einhell dual pack in some stores (£92).
You don’t really need an impact driver unless you plan on doing lots of screw driving. I’d suggest spending your cash on a good quality drill with 3ah batteries (2 of them). The 4’s can be quite heavy to use, and a 3 should be plenty, especially with 2 of them, as 1 can charge whilst using the other.

I’d suggest looking at Bosch Professional (blue), or DeWalt. Either will serve you well and should last too. I have a Bosch and it’s excellent. Loads of torque and the battery life is good too (has 2x 3ah), without being uncomfortable to use, as it’s still nice and light.
Dewalt 996 with a 2.0A battery would be my choice.
just to close the loop on this, thank you everyone for the advice, went with the erbauer double set as I ended up running out of time, the combi drill wasn't shifting any of the screws stuck in the playhouse. They were long torx screws, impact driver did the job with minimal fuss, what could have been half day job was done in a couple of hours. I'm sure a lesser impact driver would have worked but very handy tool to have, now to put the playhouse back up and think of some more projects! If I could change anything I'd probably have gone with an einhell set as there tools seem to be regularly on offer.
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