Drinking alcohol and newborn baby question

Posted 19th Apr 2009
I have a unusual question and cant find the answer online. I have a 2 week old baby (im the father) and live with my fiancee. We have the baby in a crib in our bedroom and the baby sleeps in it at night. Myself and my fiancee sleep in our bed.
If I have a few beers/vodkas etc is there any danger of hurting the baby by sleeping in the same room as it by the fumes etc??

We are out tomorrow night so thought we would see if we can find out. I will be drinking, she will be sober. I will not be holding the baby etc or feeding it but we was wondering if my ''alocoholic'' fumes as it were would hurt the baby at all while sleeping??

Anyone got any idea about this?

ps. what a relief it is to have hotdeals to look at on a night feed lol.
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