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Found 29th Dec 2006
Hiya having a big new years house party at my mums and things like this usually fall to me so come on give me some clues whats ur fav drinking games. also put any drink recipes too

many thanks

Jo x


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forgot to add, for my party i want ones that like u dont need loads of bits and bobs. i dont want to be messing about. i know on holiday we played one where women stood in one line and men in another and i think u had to do something like drink ur drink then put it on ur head and wen u had finished the person behind wud drink theres etc and first team to have finished there drinks wins (can u tell i was very drunk whilst playing it) if anyone can name this game and tell me the rules again whilst sober id appreciate it coz this went down well in the bar i was in xxxx

I think its called a boat race. at least thats what my rugby team called it. rules are pretty much as you said, the quickest team to get from one end to the other wins but you cant start drinking until the person before you has the empty glass upside down above their head.

if you're feeling hardcore, it can go end to end and then back again. this can get messy though!;-)

also if anyone is desperate enough, people are welcome to commit "suicide" which involves not emptying the glass before you tip it over your head. its a good way to come back if you are loosing!

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

at a bbq we played a simple card game, each player gets dealt 2 cards, in turn each player turns over their card, adding the 2 cards together the player with lowest total knocks back a shot, building games types are always good, build a tower taking turns, the first to knock over takes a shot

I have a few idea, but they're not drinking games as such!
Anyway, here goes!

1 - Spitfire

Things you need,

Pint glass, half pint glass, smaller glass & a very small glass (i.e shotglass) These have to be empty & £1 coins from the players. Depending on the number of players, you need enough glasses for everyone!

Anyway, say you have 3 players, ask them to take £1 out and stick in between their bum crack (with clothes on!)
Basically, you start with the pint glass, put it a good distance away from them and they waddle over with the coin in their bum crack and they have to drop the coin in the glass, using only their bum cheeks! For each successful one, the glass gets smaller!
Fun game to host, but I haven't actually played it yet! lol

2 - Eat, Suck & Blow

Things you need,

Balloons, Weetabix & Cartons of drink with a straw!

Yout set these items up on the table for each player, so 1 balloon each, 3 weetabix each & 1 carton of drink with a straw (straw is most important!)
Play some music, and you shout to them what they've got to do.
Say, the music starts, you shout 'Blow!' they blow up the ballon, you then say 'Eat', they then eat the weetabix while not letting the air out of the balloon, then you say 'Suck' and they suck the drink thru the straw.
The winner of this game is the first one to pop their balloon!
You could make it harder. When they have popped their balloon, give them another! :giggle:
Make sure you have plenty of stock incase they run out!
Great game to watch!

I hope you understand what I mean, but its hard to describe!

Enjoy! :thumbsup:
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