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    Anyone found any network adapters that are compatible with Vista?


    Ive just got the dell pc i ordered wicked as it is with no internet, is there any drivers for my usb adapter, it is a Belkin 54g adapter, got some drivers but they arent compatible with vista? Any about or with i have to spend out on one?


    What model is the USB adaptor? (Look on the back of it)

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    The number is F5D7050…381

    There you go mate, I also think the normal XP drivers may work on Vista 32 bit, but not the 64 bit version.

    But anyway the above link will sort you out.

    i think you have to just re-install the xp drivers as this worked fine for me on my sisters dell!

    I have the same USB adaptor and the drivers that came with it (on the CD) work fine with Vista. Just make sure you install them manually instead of using the Belkin menu system thing that appears when you put the cd in. Put the usb adaptor in and then install the drivers yourself when Vista asks you for them.


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    I used beerman's way but still not working, the light on the adapter doesnt come on and doesnt seem to be alive. I cant find the cd that i had with it i'll look again but still having trouble with it.

    It looks like it depends on your version of the adapter....

    See here:…381

    Version 1 does not have Vista compatible drivers,
    Versions 2 and 3 have a beta driver compatible with Vista 32 bit
    Version 4 has an official Vista driver

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    Thats the one i used but installs the utility as well which i dont want, but for sum reason the adapter still doesnt want to respond.

    Which version does it say you have (from the FCC ID on your device) ?

    Is the device showing up in Device Manager?
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