Posted 3rd May
I have pressure washed the driveway, and have noticed that there is lots of soil where the mortar gap is, what should I fill between these deep gaps? Would something like this do?…899

Or fill dry ready mix mortar in the gaps
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Wait until dry, make sure the path is clean. Fill with kiln dried sand.
Brush in the gaps using a small soft brush.
See here
Can I not use ready mix mortar, to make a more solid fill
Greasy mixed dry mortar will be fine and when it rains or the moisture gets to it it will set
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Don’t use any kind of mortar it doesn’t work and the cement will stain your block
I presume your talking about a block paving driveway. If so it’s kiln dried sand you need to brush between the spaces. Wait until the drive is completely though.
Look at Sealing the drive now it has been cleaned. There are several products on the market depending on what materail your drive is made of
If its block paving then use kiln dried sand if its paving slabs then use a mortar mix of 3 parts building sand to 1 part cement, put it in dry and dont brush it around too much as the cement sticks to the surface and you end up with more sand in the joints than cement, compress the joint by running a short lenth of copper pipe or hose pipe along the joint then wet the mixture with a water spray then run the pipe over the joint again
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Thanks for the replies
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