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Driveway Cleaning & Gypsys/Travellers...UPDATE: they came back AGAIN!

Posted 9th May 2011
Some kid knocked on my door and says will power wash drive and de weed it for £150. last time we had a quote it was 500quid including putting the sand back in between the bricks and sealing it.

we are selling so would be nice to have a cleaner drive. the kid and his dad are gonna use a high powered jet washy thing and deweed it with weed killer as well

i got him down to £130....has anyone used travellers to do work for them....do they do a good job or do they scare u into paying regardless of what kinda job they are doing!!??

Brb inviting Matt allwright and channel 4 round to MBs house for my big fat gypo driveway wedding
- numptyj
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